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i am 22 years old and have been an artist since i was able to hold a pencil really.


my alias is echo13 and has been for around 8 years now since graffiti was the first art form i chose to take seriously and the first thing to do is chose a name to write other than your legal name for obvious reasons.

i have been animating for around 4 years now and because of all the experimentation and exploration that comes with being self taught i have learned all kinds of methods and techniques to achieve unique productions for my clients.

working with musicians kind of came naturally because when i first made an animation and realised it was actually possible to do i wanted to get a song for it but i couldn't just use any song i wanted because of copyright reasons, so i went around instagram looking for beat makers asking them if i could put their tracks on my animation, i think it probably seemed like a lie or something because who just gives animated work to someone for free, but eventually i got someone who was willing and that's where it all started.

once i posted the piece of work i had people messaging me asking how much animated work costs and i figured it out as i went along, so because i love working with musicians and creating animations for them i thought i would build something that makes it easier for the musician to get their art.


so what's this all about?


well.. three things,


1. musicians

2. art

3. cost

when it comes down to it animation is expensive and a relatively exclusive industry for companies and studios that can afford it.

but i think there is a way that quality animated productions can be made available to musicians who might have a need, vision or want for an animated expression of their work that videography or motionless art alone might not be able to capture.

all visual branding like logo/clothing design, cover art etc.. are available here also but i know that there are a lot of musicians looking for animated work because of:

1. limitless possibilities of what ideas and concepts can be animated (as long as it's not overly violent or rude because of marketing purposes)

2. higher chance of gaining more interest in your brand in general because if the viewers like the music and the visuals then why would they not want to see what else you have (more  views and followers)


so that's why i do what i do, to make animation available for everyone.



any questions or enquiries?

feel free to send me a message here or dm me on instagram @echo.13




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