Because all orders are custom and scheduled in that means that everyone has been given estimated time frames of when their projects will begin production and be finished by so for practical reasons of not being messed around myself and for my clients I can't do refunds because there are people that may be waiting for work while im still creating yours.

I am an artist and to cancel a project half way through and waste time and art isn't something I am willing to do for free so if you are not sure about getting work made then im always available to discuss the viability of your type of budget and clarify if there are better ways to achieve a result you may be looking for before placing an order.

One thing you could do is change your order before production has begun, the price will remain the same and the time frame may be extended than the estimate but im open to discuss that and find out if its a practical option.

if for some reason you do want to cancel a project even though i do not do refunds then you can just let me know by email or DM me on instagram.